Stability is the success formula in business. CILT Central Asia reported the topic “Management of Change (transformation)” on the online platform for members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.


As for today the head of the companies notice the importance of applying change management techniques in order to ensure the growth and development of organizations. The key element in the workflow of organizations are employees, and how they can manage to adapt to changes depends the success of introducing transformations both in processes and in systems.  Change management allows to increase the project work effectiveness by preparing the staff and the business environment of the company to accept changes, provided by the project. Change management means working with the corporate staff which helps to change the acceptance of change within the company, ensure positive attitude of staff to innovations and preparing staff to acquire new knowledge and apply it in practice. At the webinar carried out by CILT Central Asia supported the USAID project on Competitiveness, Trade and Job Creation in Central Asia (CTJ) together with “Turkmen Logistics” Association reported the topic: “Management of Change (transformation)”. Manas Userbaev, Director of the Logistics Department of “KAGAZY RECYCLING” LLC, CILT expert with over 20 years of experience in logistics and warehousing made a speech as invited speaker.
The development of the company is directly associated with changes, timely response and control allow companies to remain in high demand. Stability is the success formula in business. This seminar was aimed at gaining knowledge and developing skills for the successful design and implementation suggested by initiators for changes and achieving the desired results. The number of Turkmen transport and logistics companies is every time increasing, the interest in participating in such events growing, it is difficult to imagine the modern world without such projects for self-realization now, as well as it is important for the company to develop continuously. Modern technologies have become an integral part of the life of not only an individual person, but the entire society as a whole. Now, it is quite difficult to imagine an enterprise that would not use the achievements of technological progress. Opportunity to gain experience and use it in practice for transport and logistics companies, the members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association, is a significant aspect at the present time.