Revising practical skills.


The running seminar on the topic: “Personnel management, with implementing learning activities and tasks has been carried out.  Soý Oksana, an expert of CILT Central Asia continued to be a speaker at this seminar.
Brand of HR is an attractive favorable image of the company as an employer in the eyes of job seekers for which they are ready to slightly reduce the work requirements or choose this company among other available suggestions in order to become a member of the company’s staff. Brand of HR is an individual figure that characterizes a company in the field of work with personnel. Company image as an employer, created from favourable reports and impressions of current and former employees. 
Motivation in HR branding in the process of recruitment needs appeared due to the fact that every employer intends to get in his staffing list only the best in his field, professional employees. And in order to be an attractive place of work (“dream company”), you should match the image and meet expectations. The seminar differed markedly from the rest ones, by the fact that the program included a practical part. Tsoi Oksana, after her speech, recommended to draw up our own vision of building the HR brand, and to send her the completed task followed by working with each individually. Such events and participation in them promote the development and improvement of professional skills.
 “Turkmen Logistics” Association attracts members of the association to participate in these events, adopting the experience of leading experts in different areas thereby increasing the attractiveness of your company.