Next Generation – up to the corporate ladder!


Turkmenistan supports the correct and comprehensive development of youth. The same in logistics – the future of the industry is in the hands of the next generation, and our duty is not only to support today’s leaders, but also bring up tomorrow’s. Under this pretext, on March 30th, 2021 a program of the community of young professionals under the leadership of Next Generation Central Asia was launched. The online event was attended by representatives of Next Generation (hereinafter NG), members of CILT & WiLAT, specialists of “Turkmen Logistics” Association, students, young specialists in the field of logistics and transport from Central Asian countries.
The NG CILT Community is a unique platform for CILT members under the age of 35. The NG community develops young professionals by integrating with experienced industry professionals, providing access to best practices and encouraging them to seek advice and knowledge using the global CILT network. NG carries out national and regional events throughout the year, including social, workshops, conferences and forums. Also, NG aims to provide enhanced capabilities to establish contacts and make support for members from Central Asia early in their careers. Development of the concept of “NG in Central Asia” and implementation of the global strategy “Next Generation” in the region through cooperation with universities, institutions and local forums, under support of sponsoring organizations and reliable partners. The benefits of the NG community of young professionals includes the following:

  • opportunities to develop your career;
  • gain experience and get study with industrial leaders;
  • networking with peers and sharing experiences;
  • continuous professional development;
  • educational grants and employment;
  • as well as startup support, etc.

At the event, speakers from different countries made a welcoming speech, introduced themselves, their field of activity and achievements, and also why participation and development within the global network is of great importance for young specialists in the field of logistics and transport in their country. One of the speakers was Sapa Gurbanberdiev, corporate employee of “Turkmen Logistics” Association, who has established himself as an active participant in such programs. The session was attended by relevant concerned persons from a number of members of the Association, who are regularly invited to such programs.
Improving the level of qualifications of employees directly depends on the skills and received practice, and therefore such projects provide an opportunity to learn, gain access to the best practice and implement in its activities by integrating with international industry professionals.