Modern logistics trends were discussed during a thematic round table.


Today’s world develops very quickly. New technologies appear, new business processes are developed, even a man’s idea changes of what a quality service is and how comfort and convenience looks like. Logistics is not an exception. A lot has been changed in recent years and continues to change in this field as well. What may lie ahead? To answer this question, you need to analyze the main trends in global logistics periodically.
“Women in Logistics and Transport Central Asia” (WiLAT) supported by the USAID project on competitiveness, trade and job creation in Central Asia (CTJ), in partnership with “Turkmen Logistics” Association, held a round table on the topic “Trends in modern logistics”, which took place in the capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan.
The session was moderated by Aizhan Beiseeva, Deputy Chairman of WiLAT Central Asia, reports were made by Marina Kuznechevskaya, Chairman of WiLAT Central Asia, and council members of this organization. During the round table discussion, the global trends affecting the development of logistics were considered, the speakers talked about what happened in the post-covid period in logistics, what to expect and what are the forecasts for the future.
Change in the usual routes, cost development of goods due to the increase in logistics costs, as well as which industries suffered more, and which acquired more, and which transport and logistics services are now of great relevance.