The specialists of transport and logistics companies of Turkmenistan talk about major components of their work to the future specialists.


The workshop course “Transport diplomacy” is organized within the framework of a joint initiative of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the “Turkmen Logistics” Association. The course consists of 32 academic hours, including 16 lectures and 16 practical sessions. Following the end of workshop courses, students will have to prepare a 5-7-minute presentation on one of the topics included in the program. The subject of the workshop lessons is aimed so that future specialists engaged with international relations receive the knowledge about the following:
– the significance, peculiarities and perspectives of involving the transport and transit corridors “Lapis Lazuli” (Afghanistan – Turkmenistan – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey), “Caspian Sea – Black Sea”, “Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran – Oman – Qatar by Turkmenistan;
– the potential capacity and possibilities of using the international railway lines “Kerki – Imamnazar – Akina – Andkhoy” and “Turgundi – Herat”, railway and road bridges across the Amu Darya river;
– the possibilities and work on establishing transport links between the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi and the ports of the Caspian bordering countries;
– the features and potential possibilities for the entry into the Baltic ports through the route Caspian Sea – Volga-to-Don Channel;
– the initiatives of Turkmenistan to use the transport and transit opportunities of landlocked developing countries;
At the next lecture and practical lesson, a member of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association representing the company ES “Älem dostlygy”, made a speech, highlighting the topic: “The importance of a quadrilateral intergovernmental agreement on the implementation of the international transport corridor Caspian Sea – Black Sea.”
Attracting specialists amongst the employees of transport and logistics companies is a new and successful format for training future qualified specialists. Students receive new practical information. Practical experience will help students to develop those scope of duties that are necessary for working in companies. The workshop course “Transport Diplomacy” is an important and effective effort for future start-up of the specialists on international affairs. Classes with specialists have applied meaning, they help students to get a better understanding of the role and importance of transport and transit corridors for strengthening cooperation in the interest of all countries.
The workshop training course “Transport Diplomacy” started on March the 4th and will continue until June the 17th, 2021.