Interview with members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.

Dzhumadurdy Ilmuradovich Kaibov: “We work on the principle: in a quality manner and professional way”.

Dzhumadurdy Ilmuradovich Kaibov, the Director of ES «Ulag Ekspeditorçylyk Hyzmatlary»

How long does your company have been on the market for providing freight forwarding services?

“Ulag Ekspeditorçylyk Hyzmatlary” company was registered in August 2020 and belongs to the category of medium-sized business. We do not have our own fleet of vehicles and storage facilities, we are, first of all, a professional team in shipping and forwarding activities. The list of services we provide is quite wide: for example, we render services on transporting by road and other modes of transport, which we rent by agreement, including “Turkmenavtoulaglary” Agency in order to provide a full range of freight forwarding services.

What is the full range of services provided by your company today?

First of all, this is forwarding and transportation of general cargo. Carrying out shipping operations, which is called “on a turnkey basis”, we guarantee the customer that we will deliver the cargo on a due date and in complete safety, and therefore we carefully select the contractors-carriers. We also provide control over the movement of goods, storage and forwarding, registration of transport documents, draw up logistics chains on the most favorable terms for clients, including the price.

In which directions do you carry out cargo transportation?

We transport medium general types of cargo with a volume of up to 50 thousand tons across the territory of Turkmenistan.

 What helps you withstand competition?

There is sufficiently high competition in the domestic market of freight forwarding services, and the customer chooses the company that provides better services at a fairly priced rate. Therefore, we focus on customized service for each client and our main advantage is to provide with high quality services and professional skills of our employees. In our work, we focus on the needs of customers and strive to satisfy them with the highest possible high quality at the best prices for the client. I believe, for this reason, we have already got our regular customers, although we have entered the market of freight forwarding services recently. The growing confidence on their part gives us confidence in the company’s capabilities and expanding our client base.

Why is it profitable to contact the freight forwarder, and not to organize the transportation by yourself?

A reliable freight forwarding company, of course, is more profitable than working with a huge number of different carriers directly, especially in international traffic. As I mentioned above, there is now a demand for high-quality comprehensive services.

In which direction will your company develop?

The territory of the Central Asian region is now becoming one of the most important transport and transit hubs of global significance. The Highly Esteemed President of Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the development of the country’s transport sector and its integration into the regional and continental systems in order to play a connecting, integrating role of international transport communication along the “North-South” and “East-West” lines, which connects Asia and Europe by the shortest routes, as well as ensures the reliable and uninterrupted functioning of the entire system of trade and economic interaction on the continent. The transport and logistics advantages of Turkmenistan and the development of production for the manufacture of export-oriented goods determine the prospects for the development of the ES “Ulag Ekspeditorçylyk Hyzmatlary”. We have established an international relations department, and we would like to see similar companies from Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey and, of course, neighboring countries as our partners. We are planning to build our own warehouses and parking lots for transit cars.

You are included in the list of members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association. What kind of support do you get?

The company “Ulag Ekspeditorçylyk Hyzmatlary” from the first days of its formation became a member of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association and this played a significant role in our formation and improvement the status in the market of providing freight forwarding services.
Also, the “Turkmen Logistics” Association carries out a number of events in the discussion of issues aimed at promoting and sharing experience with foreign organizations, cooperation in the transport and logistics industry, professional training of specialists.
The Association, being an associate member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations (FIATA), expands the opportunities for Turkmen freight forwarding companies to reach the international level of cargo transportation, which gives us a great advantage. Summing up the above said, I would like to add that taking part in numerous trainings and seminars, a lot of skills, qualifications and experience have been acquired, which is important for the further growth of the company, as well as for the employees.