Interview with members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.

Dmitry Esaulov: Amatly-Ýollar has entered the top 10 transport companies of Turkmenistan in the past five years.
Dmitry Borisovich Esaulov, the General Director of Economy Society Amatly-Ýollar

You are one of the founders, as well as the CEO of one of the well-known freight forwarding companies in the country and the near abroad. How did your journey into logistics begin?

– I have been working in logistics since 2010. Working in the transport companies as ES “Altyn Ösüş Ýoly” and ES “Birleşen Ulag Ulgamy”, I gained a lot of experience and skills that helped me to open my own transport company in 2016 – ES “Amatly-Ýollar”.

Was it difficult to start? After all, this is a highly competitive market?

– Of course, it was not easy, especially since everything started almost from scratch. Based on the main principle in our work – to make the transportation of products fast, affordable, convenient and reliable for customers, we have created a permanent client portfolio, providing a full range of freight forwarding services, as well as concluded direct contracts with Turkmen and foreign partners. Actively working in the market of freight forwarding services, today, our company is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA, as well as the “Turkmen Logistics” Association where we entered from the first days of its establishment. The company has 16 employees in its office, has representatives at the main transport and transit points – in the Turkmenbashi international seaport, on the border with Iran in Serakhs, in the Lebap region at the Farap border crossing. Our clients are state and private structures, entrepreneurs and legal entities of Turkmenistan, including foreign companies. The list of partners includes time-tested carriers from Turkmenistan, as well as neighboring countries, and Europe.

What advantages does your company get from the “Turkmen Logistics” Association?

– The Association, acting on behalf of all its members, is a coordinating link between the public and private sectors of the country, develops ideas and proposals for improving the transport sector, advancing ahead the initiatives of both sides. Also, with kind regard to the Association, we have the opportunity to cooperate with foreign organizations, exchange experience, explore new opportunities, and develop the skills of our staff. It is not an easy task – to work simultaneously with more than 100 organizations and companies, to organize the conditions for the interrelationship between them, so we are grateful to the Association for their work. They help us to keep moving on!

What services does your company provide to its clients?

– ES “Amatly-Ýollar”, carrying out domestic and international cargo transportation by any type of transport, provides a full range of freight forwarding services, which include cargo storage and warehousing, stevedoring services, full terminal handling of cargo and containers in the Turkmenbashi international seaport and at the land border crossings of Turkmenistan, execute invitations to foreign drivers in order to receive visa for Turkmenistan, drawing up special permissions for transportation of oversized and heavy-weight cargo through the territory of Turkmenistan. Due to the closure of the borders against the backdrop of a pandemic, we offered our partners new services – contactless transportation of goods (transportation of goods for the trailer) and delivery of their semi-trailers to their destination point and back.

In what directions does your company carry out cargo transportation?

– We carry out cargo transportation of any kind and type of complexity, from consumer goods to industrial and agricultural goods, in the direction of the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, and within Turkmenistan. In particular, we use the capabilities of the Turkmenbashi international seaport to deliver cargo to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and Europe. Through the Astrakhan port of Olya, cargo is delivered to all regions of Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. We also use railways and highways of transport and transit corridors in the direction of “North-South”, “East-West” and “Lapis Lazuli”. Thus, we deliver cargo to any point in Europe and Asia. The company also has a permit and attracted capacity to provide services for the transportation of dangerous and large-sized, heavy cargo. As an example, one of our many shipments was commissioned by the company “Çalık Enerji” (Turkey). We organized the transportation of three electric generators weighing from 180 to 250 tons across the territory of Turkmenistan, from the Uzbek border to the village of Kerkichi in the Lebap region.

Do you face any difficulties in organizing international cargo transportation?

– No, I don’t, actually. The company has a well-trained staff with a high level of competence in the field of international transport services. All the documentations are processed in accordance with international ISO standards.

What prospects do you see in the market of freight-forwarding services and is there any potential for the growth of ES “Amatly-Ýollar”?

– Against the background of the policy for development of our state pursued by our Highly Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, such sector of economy as transport and logistics turned to take the leading positions. The increase in foreign trade, the pick-up in economic activity of the real sector of economy, the positive dynamics of the construction sector and industrial production became the main factors that influenced the high growth rates of cargo transportation both in Turkmenistan and at the international level. A powerful impulse for the Turkmen companies was the revival of the economic Silk Road. As a part of the large-scale “One Belt, One Road” project, new railways and highways, seaports, and logistics centers are being built along the entire route, as well as Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran, Kerki-Imamnazar-Akina, Akina-Andkhoy, international seaport of Turkmenbashi railway main lines were built, cooperation under the Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) program has been increasing, a new transport and transit corridor “Lapis Lazuli” has been laid, the fleet of road transport and railway rolling stock, as well as the merchant marine fleet are being expanded.
All this opens up an entry into new markets and thus, prospects for the growth of our company. Opening a container line, using refrigerated containers for the transportation of goods with a temperature conditions are also in our plans. We hope to succeed in this direction.