The 11th Central Asia Trade Forum has successfully ended.


Today has successfully concluded the virtual Forum hosted by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) celebrating 30 years of cooperation between the United States and the countries of Central Asia. The annual Forum turned to be a unique platform for information and experience sharing as well as constructive proposals for enhancing cooperation in order to restore the economies of the Central Asian countries in the Post-COVID period. The event was held in a virtual format and composed of presentations by subject matter experts, representatives of international and regional organizations and programs, the public and private sector of the countries of the region, a series of interviews and recorded presentations.
Participants joined interactive online sessions, round table discussions, web-seminars and other side events and discussed post-pandemic realities in Central Asia as well as targeted measures to stimulate trade, recover the tourism sector after stabilizing the situation with the pandemic, regional transport opportunities, domestic procedures and current problems associated with transit-related goods, most importantly fresh agricultural products and ready-made meals.
Issues, problems and potential solutions related to sustainable water supply in Central Asia, digitalization in transport and logistics were also discussed at the forum. Representatives of the regional countries shared their successful experience on the issues discussed in the recorded presentations and interviews, subject matter experts presented the results of the monitoring as well as their recommendations based on the analysis made.