A new digital platform for warehouse and logistics centers of the country has been launched in Uzbekistan.


The Logistics Association of Uzbekistan with the support of the Ministry of Transport, has created a digital platform – “Warehouses and Logistics Centers of Uzbekistan”.
According to the Ministry of Transport, the main task of the digital platform www.skladi.uz is to meet the ever-increasing demand from national and foreign trade and investment companies for the services of warehouse and logistics centers in Uzbekistan.
The digital platform – “Warehouses and Logistics Centers of Uzbekistan” includes information on the location of existing warehouses and logistics centers throughout the territory of the republic.
Entrepreneurs, on a free basis, can receive information about the specialization of a warehouse or a logistics center by the range of goods (agricultural products, food and non-food products, household appliances, pharmaceutical goods), as well as about the availability of free space on the territory of indoor and outdoor warehouses, including refrigerated warehouses for agricultural products and perishable goods.
This platform will equally serve the interests of both the owners of warehouses and logistics centers (increasing the utilization of free space) and entrepreneurs who are looking for free space to place and store their goods (reducing the time spent on searching and eliminating additional costs).
Along with this, a separate function is provided – “special offers” providing for the sale, rental and purchase of warehouses, warehouse equipment and handling equipment, as well as accepting applications for storage.
This information platform complies with the principles of “Single window system”, where participants in transport and trade logistics can electronically, in one place, get acquainted and receive the information and services they need related to the storage of goods.
This information resource will be useful for manufacturing and trading companies, entrepreneurs (cargo owners) and transport companies (carriers), as well as companies and organizations that provide a range of services related to forwarding, insurance and customs clearance of goods.
The digital platform, created jointly with specialists from the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan, will contribute to the organization of efficient transport and warehouse services, the creation of a competitive environment and favorable conditions for the activities of transport and logistics companies, as well as the improvement and development of the freight transportation system.
At the same time, the platform will combine information about warehouses and logistics centers operating in Uzbekistan, their volumes and specialization, equipment and service level, compliance with international standards and generally accepted classifications. It will also serve as a kind of information base for analyzing the state and prospects for the development of warehouse logistics in Uzbekistan, which in turn will become the basis for the formation of projected growth and business attraction. The information and logistics Portal www.skladi.uz is currently the unique one and has no analogues in the countries of Central Asia. In the future, it is planned to expand this project to the level of Central Asian countries, i.e. launch the same Portal, but on a larger, regional scale.

Source: ИА Dunyo