Interview with members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.


Maksat Kulgeldiyev: “Halkara türkmen logistik” is only at the beginning of the journey and we have far-reaching plans”
Maksat Kulgeldiyev, the head of the logistics department of the economic society “Halkara türkmen logistik”.
There are many transport and logistics companies already working on international cargo transportation, which are successfully developing their business. And as for today it is a highly competitive area. What prompted you to create another company?
– First of all, with regard to the policy pursued by our Esteemed President, today, Turkmenistan actively develops trade and economic relations with many countries of the world and I would like to point out that this tendency is growing day by day. Secondly, the current level of development of all industrial sectors, the agro-industrial complex (AIC) and other areas, as well as the successful implementation of the program for the production of export-oriented products have increased the demand for domestic products in world markets. And thirdly, the work carried out to modernize and comprehensively develop the transport sector has opened up wide opportunities for cargo transportation in all geographical directions. All the above said was taken into account when we have decided to create an economic society “Halkara türkmen logistik”. In early January, we have received a license and started our activities.
What are the potential opportunities for the company?
– Our potential opportunities are pretty high. We have our own fleet of railway wagons and vehicles for the transportation of various goods. However, our main potential is young, ambitious employees. In addition, we focus on the high quality of the services we provide. Amongst the huge client base of our company there are both product exporters and importers, as well as customers of transit cargo. The logistics specialists of economic society “Halkara türkmen logistik” offer each client the most optimal options, including the entire sector of logistics services to be provided. We also try to avoid empty runs.
Where did you send your first shipment?
– It was an export cargo of auto-petrol by railway from Turkmenbashi to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
In what directions are you already working?
– On an ongoing basis, we carry out cargo transportation to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Russia, Turkey and China. At the same time, the number of our customers continues to grow.
You entered the trucking market less than two months ago. How did you manage to gain a client base so quickly?
– This is the result of an active promotion campaign. We have prepared and distributed advertising brochures, business cards, and created a website.
Are you a member of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association?
– Yes, sure. We did not even have a question whether to join or not to join the Association. As soon as our economic society has been established, we decided to join the “Turkmen Logistics” Association. On February 19th, 2022, we were presented with a certificate of membership in the Association. We consider it necessary to develop under the aegis of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association, since the Association represents the interests of the transport and logistics enterprises of our country at the international level.
What are the future plans of the Economic Society “Halkara türkmen logistik”?
– We have far-reaching plans. The main goal is to become a competitive company in the cargo transportation market.
Thank you for the interview. May success always go with your company!
Thank you for your attention!