Round table “Prospects for the development of exports for companies in Turkmenistan”


On May 05, a round table to discuss the prospects for the development of exports for companies in Turkmenistan, organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Turkmenistan, was held at “Yyldyz” Hotel.
Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the UIET, the National Association “Turkmen Logistics”, heads of companies and entrepreneurs producing goods that may be in demand outside of Turkmenistan, as well as companies providing transport and logistics services or other export promotion services were invited to take part.
Participants of the event got acquainted with new opportunities aimed at competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, encouraging innovation and eliminating gaps in skills through the provision of business advisories and trainings available in Turkmenistan within the framework of such international projects, as “USAID Trade and Job Competitiveness Program in Central Asia”, “USAID Entrepreneurship and Business Environment Development Program in Turkmenistan”, “Small Business Advisory Program” and “EBRD Pilot Regional Exporter Support Program 2022 in Turkmenistan”. During the meeting, the results of the “Review of the markets of Central Asia and Mongolia for exporters of Turkmenistan” by the consulting company MCT Agency (ES “Netijelilik”), which specializes in solutions for the development of companies and organizations in Turkmenistan, were also presented.
The participants of the round table provided valuable feedback and offers for further development of cooperation in this area.