Association “Turkmen Logistics” took part in the exhibition of the transport and logistics potential of Turkmenistan


On August 14, within the framework of the International Conference of Ministers of Transport of Landlocked Countries, exhibitions of transport and logistics potential of Turkmenistan were organized for foreign guests. The general idea of ​​the exhibitions is to present the role of the Caspian region, where a large world-class transport and transit hub is now being formed, including sea, land and air routes, and the possibilities of the transport infrastructure of Turkmenistan for the transit of various cargoes by all modes of transport to other states of Central Asia, including landlocked, through the territory of Turkmenistan.
The ferry and passenger terminal of the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port has become a platform for a large-scale exposition. Stands of the agencies “Türkmenawtoulaglary”, “Türkmendemirýollary”, “Türkmendeňizderýaýollary”, logistics companies “Türkmen halkara awtoulagly daşaýjylarynyň assosiasiýasy”, JSC “Türkmenistanyň Ulag-logistika merkezi”, closed Joint Stock Company “Deňiz söwda floty”, shipyard “Balkan” as well as the National Association “Turkmen Logistics” reflect the formation of a highly efficient transport infrastructure, as well as competitiveness of transport operations and services of domestic carriers in internal and foreign markets, and creation of conditions for investment activity.