Public-private meeting of transport workers and product exporters of Turkmenistan


On October 21, a workshop was held at the building of the Customs Service of Turkmenistan, which brought together representatives of state transport institutions, the Association “Turkmen Logistics”, transport and logistics companies, as well as private entrepreneurs exporting various products from Turkmenistan. The purpose of the meeting was to examine transport and logistics companies regarding the TIR-EPD application, its advantages in customs operations, discuss the possibilities of expanding container traffic, as well as exchange views on the throughput and carrying capacity of the Farap BCP for export transportation to Uzbekistan.
The benefits of “Advance Information” about cargo for carriers were noted, about the TIR-EPD application, which was synchronized with the Asycuda World program. At the moment, “Green Corridors” have been created to simplify the work of the program, which operates at 5 checkpoints across the border of Turkmenistan, namely: – at the customs post “Artyk” (code 07223);
– at the customs post “Ferry terminal” (code 07317);
– at the customs post “Farap highway” (code 07364);
– at the customs post “Sarakhs highway” (code 07225);
– at the customs post “Garabogaz” (code 07314).