Interview with members of the Association “Turkmen Logistics”: the company “At-abraý”


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Balkan Annamuradov: “The potential of the company is colossal and we strive to expand business contacts”
Balkan Annamuradov, director of the economic society “At-abray”
“At-abray” started as an individual enterprise in 2013, and already in 2017 it significantly expanded its activities, became an economic company and now is one of the top international cargo carriers known in the country and abroad. Maybe the name “At – abray” has become a talisman? After all, it’s not for nothing that they say: what do you call a ship, so will it sail?
– I don’t know, maybe there is something mystical in this, since “At – abray” literally means “authoritative name”, but the main merit belongs, of course, to our entire team. These are young high-level specialists with a good education, who speak different languages ​​- English, Russian, Arabic, German, French, Chinese and others. Therefore, we work with many transport and logistics companies from the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America. Experience, skills and desire to work at the level of high international standards is the main factor of the high prestige.
With what supplies and where did the company start its activities?
– We transported our first cargo – agricultural products and textiles to the Russian Federation in 2013 by road. The company had only three cars at the time. And for the first three years, we sent goods only along two routes: Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan-Russia and Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Russia.
Today, the company has a completely different potential. Why did it expand?
– As I said, the company’s team consists of highly qualified specialists who are able to organize the delivery of any cargo in the shortest possible time at an acceptable cost in full and with high quality. This became fundamental for increasing the client base, and as a result – increasing and expanding the fleet at the expense of profits, opening our own container line “Turkmenline”, creating a warehouse, carrying out sea freight forwarding activities, opening branches in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, representative offices in Uzbekistan. By the way, having our branches in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, we already carry out cargo transportation along the routes Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey and further to Europe, as well as through Azerbaijan to Russia and European countries. We have 50 regular customers, some of whom we have been cooperating with since 2013.
What services are currently provided by “At-abray”?
– This is the whole range of freight forwarding services that include: transportation of all kinds and types of cargo, multimodal cargo transportation, brokerage services, customs clearance and cargo insurance, warehousing, agency services, advising on transport logistics. We cooperate with all well-known brand companies, importers and exporters, manufacturers and trading companies, government organizations and private entrepreneurs.
What achievements is the company proud of?
“At – abray” has ISO, SGS certificates, and is also registered with BIC, which gives the right to participate in transportation on international shipping lines. In addition, we are members of the international association WCA WORLD, and this is a sign of high confidence in the company. We were also entrusted with delivering humanitarian cargo to Astrakhan of the Russian Federation, and under the UN Development Program – 50 units of special equipment on our trailers to Afghanistan. The most striking achievement is the first access to the open ocean, when in 2021 we delivered cargo along the route Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia, then along the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf – Indian Ocean – China. It was a trial that we transported in our own containers. This was our longest logistics route.
In what direction will “At – abray” develop in the future?
There are plans to open branches in Russia, China, European countries. We also intend to increase our fleet of vehicles for multimodal cargo transportation.
Your company was one of those who were the first to support the initiative to create the Turkmen Logistics Association. Did it live up to your expectations?
Undoubtedly. We were among the initiators of the association and are now members of the board. We especially felt the need and importance of creating an association during the pandemic, when there were difficulties with cargo transportation. The Association quickly resolved many issues, including at the level of state structures of our country. In addition, the meetings organized by the Turkmen Logistics Association with foreign transport and logistics associations create opportunities for establishing new business contacts.
Thank you and please accept the best wishes for the continued success of your company.