2 years of Turkmen Logistics Association with FIATA


Dear friends, we are very delighted to inform you that today we are celebrating 2 years of FIATA membership.

It has been 2 wonderful years, since the 7th of December 2020, when Turkmen Logistics Association was admitted into FIATA as an Associated member. A glimpse into that historical moment: at the FIATA General Meeting in Geneva, 7 December 2020, Turkmen Logistics Association candicacy (TLA) was accepted, with 228 votes in favour and 0 against.

From the web-site of FIATA
Moment of voting

Taking pride in being a member of FIATA, we would like to exploit our opportunities, enhance cooperation, especially in the field of Education, training new specialists and providing diplomas of international level. Besides, we remain enthusiastic to take part in all the events, meetings and congresses held by FIATA. We sincerely hope that further we will continue our fruitful, mutually beneficial, constructive and active cooperation.