About us

“Turkmen Logistics” Association (TLA) is a non-commercial public association, established on the basis of a voluntary membership of individuals and entities, its activity is aimed to protect the rights and joint interests of members of the Association, to coordinate their efforts in expanding business activity in the market of forwarding and logistics services.
 “Turkmen Logistics” Association (TLA) was registrated on the 2nd of July, 2020 due to the initiative of (7) seven leading freight-forwarding and logistics companies of Turkmenistan, such as IE «Asiya ulaglary», IE «Beyik yupek yoly», IE «Altyn yoda», ES «Amatly-yollar», ES «Turkmen ak yol», IE «Kervenli yollar» and JSC «Transport and logistics hub of Turkmenistan».
There are more than 150 transport and logistics companies and enterprises in the association, and from day to day this list is renewed by entering new members. Incorporation of members into Association is a confirmation of their high degree of proficiency, financial stability and deserved business reputation, and as for the Association itself it serves as essential prerequisites for professional success and realization of its assigned objectives and goals.

The top priorities of Association are as follows:

  • joining and participating in the activity of International federations and organizations, such as FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association), IRU (International Road Transport Union), IATA (International Air Transport association), as well as represent and protect interests of Association in these organizations;
  • assisting further development of economy and market relations in Turkmenistan;
  • enhancing qualitative characteristics of logistic infrastructure of the region, its investment attractiveness, rising the role of Turkmenistan in the international transport and logistics system;
  • supporting assistance in establishing logistic centers and other structural objects on the territory of Turkmenistan, participating in development of transport and logistic routes both regional and global value;
  • cooperating in creating the image of Turkmenistan, as a module of world logistic system, participating in the work of international organization on issues relating to harmonization of conditions and requirements of global logistics market, as prescribed by Law;
  • representing, supporting and protecting the interests of logistic business of the members of Association in the international organizations, in international and domestic transport markets;
  • protecting rights and general interests of the members of Association;
  • developing and formulating proposals for improving the legislation of Turkmenistan on issues relating to transport and logistics hub of the country;
  • workflow management on training, and advanced professional development of logistics specialists.

Representing the interests of Turkmen freight forwarding and logistics companies, the Association “Turkmen Logistics” achieves the solution for assigned issues which will allow to form the whole new market of transport and logistics services, therewith increasing the status of Turkmen transport and logistics organizations both in our country and abroad.


Beýik Ýüpek Ýoly Türkmen Ak Ýol Amatly Ýollar Aziýa Ulaglary At-Abraý Kerwenli Ýollar Altyn Ýoda Türkmenistanyň Ulag Logistika Merkezi