Meeting with the Association of Freight Forwarders of Georgia on the issues of planning further joint activities.


Neutral Turkmenistan makes an important contribution into the development of international cooperation in the transport field as well as into the formation of modern infrastructure which is one among the essential factors of global sustainable development and economic integration. Lying at the heart of the Silk road, our country is the major economic connecting link between East and West.
Creation of a modern, integrated, balanced and highly sophisticated transport infrastructure is one of the priority objectives of sustainable development. Its implementation meets the strategic interests of the entire international community, it really promotes the strengthening of world economic relations, stimulates investment activity, effectively contributes to the growth of economic and social indicators on a global, regional and nationwide.
With respect to the development of foreign trade relations, the “Turkmen Logistics” Association expands its experience and works continuously establishing foreign economic activity by approaching the largest international institutions.
On February the 10th, 2021, a meeting on the issues of further mutually beneficial cooperation was held between the Association of Freight Forwarders of Georgia and the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.
The Association of Freight Forwarders of Georgia is a non-commercial public organization which was founded on June the 26th, 1997. Freight forwarding activities existed in Georgia in the early 18th century and at present it is one of the main economic sectors.
During the meetings, further joint projects aimed at the development of the transport and logistics sector as well as the possibilities for project planning design for the subsequent period were discussed and considered.
As a result of negotiations on cooperation, the reached agreements on mutual understanding, was the signed Memorandum. The signing of memorandum was held in the format of a videoconference on February the 16th, 2021.