“Turkmen Logistics”Association and Turkmenbashi international sea port are expanding scope of mutual cooperation


“Turkmen Logistics” Association and Turkmenbashi international sea port have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a Plan of Joint Activities for 2024. The Memorandum outlines key areas of collaboration aimed at developing and strengthening the position of the Turkmen port in the global transport and logistics system. The parties have agreed to implement joint measures to inform international partners of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association about the technical and technological potential, benefits, and opportunities offered by the port, as well as to attract foreign carriers.

As part of the collaboration, the “Turkmen Logistics” Association and the Turkmenbashi international sea port have also agreed to regularly exchange expertise and hold consultations with transport and logistics enterprises-members of “Turkmen Logistics” Association to create favorable conditions for Turkmen carriers. This will enable the combined efforts of the public and private sectors to ensure efficient cargo transportation through the port.

The Plan of Joint Activities includes organizing conferences, business forums, webinars, and roundtable discussions focused on the transit capabilities of the Turkmenbashi international sea port. These events will involve leaders of major transport and logistics organizations and companies from the Central Asian region, Russia, China, Georgia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India, Iran, and South Korea. Additionally, familiarization visits to cargo terminals and other infrastructure facilities of the port will be organized for interested representatives of international companies and Turkmen carriers.

The first such event, organized by “Turkmen Logistics” Association and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Central Asia office (CILT CA) with the support of the USAID Trade Program in Central Asia, will take place on February 14th of the current year. It will be conducted in the format of an online roundtable discussion and will focus on the role of the Turkmenbashi international sea port as a transit hub for Central Asian exports. During the event, representatives of transport and logistics authorities, organizations, and companies from Central Asian countries, as well as international organizations will discuss practical aspects of transportation through the Turkmenbashi international sea port, including schedules, freight rates, freight forwarding services, transit procedures, and other related topics.

Furthermore, online training sessions for employees of the Turkmenbashi international sea port, with inviting international experts as speakers, are also planned.   The signing of the Memorandum and the Joint Plan of Activities opens up new prospects for the development of the transport and logistics sector in Turkmenistan and strengthens its position on the international stage. The collaboration between the “Turkmen Logistics” Association and Turkmenbashi international sea port will contribute to attracting investments, developing transit routes, and increasing cargo volumes, thereby promoting economic growth and prosperity in the country.