Members of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association took part in the web-seminar on customs procedures.


The web-seminar on the topic “Application of TIR Carnets, Carnet ATA, advantages of introducing e-CMR, Carnet TIR” was held on May the 20th due to the initiative of the Community of Women in Logistics and Transport WiLAT in Central Asia with the support of the USAID project on Competitiveness, Trade and Jobs Activity in Central Asia (CTJ), in partnership with the “Turkmen Logistics” Association. The discussion was attended by representatives of transport companies of neighboring countries in the Central Asian region. Specialists of the freight forwarding companies that are members of the Association took part in the event on behalf of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.
The speaker of the webinar was Oksana Sorokina, CEO of “Seven R”, Member of the Management Board of WiLAT Central Asia. Being recognized as logistics expert in the region with 20 years of experience, the specialist in the field of international container and multimodal transportation, she gave detailed information about the use of ATA-Carnet for temporary import/export, specifying the pros and cons, the features; about the use of Carnet TIR at border crossings, also noting the pros and cons and alternatives, about the advantages of introducing e-CMR for the shipper / consignee / carrier / freight forwarder, focusing on the difficulties and prospects of introducing e-CMR.
During the discussions, the participants have been asking questions related to the practical application of TIR Carnets, the difficulties that cargo carriers, declarants, logisticians have or may have to face. The introduction of the e-CMR system and the use of Carnet ATA are yet to be implemented by our domestic freight forwarding companies, so this topic has found a great response from the audience. The development of trade and economic relations is a strategic direction of the international policy of the Turkmen state. Turkmenistan successfully cooperates with many countries of Europe and Asia and has an impressive potential for further fruitful cooperation on a long-term basis. In this regard, there are also broad perspectives for transport companies. Therefore, the issues of customs procedures, agreements and conventions that unify them, their application and advantages are of great importance for the companies, and representatives of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association always gratefully cooperate and take part in such seminars.