Turkmenistan will build a new road bridge across the Strait connecting Garabogazgol with the Caspian Sea.


Realizing the transport and transit potential of Turkmenistan in due succession, the Esteemed President of our country gave an assignment to issue an international tender for the construction of a new bridge across the Garabogazgol Strait and the reconstruction of the road leading to it from the city of Turkmenbashi. The new bridge will become an important engineering structure of the Zhetybai-Zhanaozen-Kenderli-Garabogaz-Turkmenbashi international transport route connecting Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The new bridge across the Garabogazgol Strait with a width of 21 meters will stretch for 354 meters.
The road Turkmenbashi-Garabogazgol which leads to the Garabogazgol Strait is a part of the European route M37, the European route E121 and the Asian highway network AH5. Together, they form a transport system connecting China, South Asia, Central Asia, Russia, the Caucasus and Europe. The construction of a new bridge, the reconstruction of the Turkmenbashi-Garabogazgol road and its docking with the Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi highway will significantly increase the capacity of the road system of Turkmenistan, the quality and efficiency of logistics services.
The road and bridge that are effective through today were built in Soviet times, however their technical characteristics do not correspond to the dynamics of increasing traffic flow due to the intensification of trade and transit activities in the Caspian region.