Transport-logistics sphere – a connecting link of Central Asia.


In the past week in Turkmenistan the Consultative meeting of heads of the states of Central Asia in which frameworks the Economic forum, and also a number of the actions dated for this event, had taken place, completed its work.
The forum became a platform of discussion of key issues of economic potential of transport-logistics infrastructure and trade relations between the countries.
Ministers of national economies and finance, industry and energy and also heads of oil and gas, chemical, transport-logistics enterprises and associations, representatives of unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs of the Central Asian countries took part in the summit.
In total 150 delegates took part in the action. The forum program consisted of such basic themes, as trading, economic and investment possibilities of the countries of Central Asia, perspective directions of cooperation in energy and chemical branches of the countries of the region, cooperation in the transport and logistics sphere in the Central Asian countries.
Central Asia is the region which covers territories of five dynamically developing states, possessing the big transit potential, being on the crossing of Asia and Europe.
The Central Asian states are aimed at increase in joint goods turnover and integration into world market transit network by joint coordination of efforts to perspective development of international corridors, such as “North-South” and “East-West”.
Namely, creation of new routes for an access to international markets through corridors of South Asia and South Caucasus, and also formation of the international transport-transit corridor by the Ashkhabad agreement signed in 2016 by Iran, Oman, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
For formation of the integrated transport system of five countries the Uzbek party initiated on creation of the Regional centre for development of transport-communication connectivity, under the aegis of the United Nations. In turn, the Turkmen party initiated creation at the governmental level of five-sided working group on exploration of possibilities of formation of new transport-communication routes in directions of Central Asia – Caspian and Black Sea regions, with an access to South Europe, and also Central Asia – Near East.
Moreover, Turkmenistan expressed readiness of granting of port possibilities on the Caspian Sea for their effective utilization the countries of Central Asia, and also underlined necessity of building of automobile and railway roads for creation of the corridor connecting China and Kazakhstan with Kirghizia and Uzbekistan.

Economic aspects of the above-stated purposes in transport-logistics sphere also were discussed within the Economic forum of the countries of Central Asia in which representatives of «Turkmen Logistics» Association and profile departments of five countries participated.
On the side-lines of the forum bilateral meetings and ceremonies of signing of documents on cooperation in trade and economic sphere, energy and industry took place.
The Consultative meeting of heads of the Central Asian states is a strategic platform for rise of mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation between transport-logistics associations, unions and companies of the countries.