The prospects for the development of transport and logistics activities in a new reality discussed by transport companies of Turkmenistan and Ukraine during the webinar.


During the webinar, transport companies of Turkmenistan and Ukraine discussed the prospects for the development of transport and logistics activities in a new reality. During the joint Turkmen-Ukrainian online webinar “Ukraine-Turkmenistan: International digital, integrated trade and logistics platform and how they work”, representatives of transport and logistics companies shared their experience and discussed the implementation of digital solutions and platforms.
In recent years, the pandemic and its consequences have brought major changes to the business of logistics companies. This encouraged transport and logistics companies to quickly develop and implement solutions for effective work in conditions of restrictions and a sharp change in the geography of cargo transportation.
During the first session, representatives of Ukraine presented their activities and talked about how transport and logistics companies responded to the challenges of the pandemic period. As noted, companies are searching for alternative routes, giving preference to road and sea transportation, and the use of containers. In this regard, Ukrainian companies are expressing their interest in the transit potential and logistics of Turkmenistan, noting that the current modern infrastructure creates a favorable condition for meeting the demand of foreign transport companies for new routes and container transportation from Asia to Europe.
Discussing the prospects for the development of transport and logistics activities in the new reality, the participants of the webinar proceeded from the fact that the transformation of logistics using digitalization opens up a significant potential for the growth of cargo transportation. This is the most important area for sustainable transformation of transit logistics. During the discussion, representatives of Ukraine shared their experience of effective use of new tools.
Turkmenistan also attaches great importance to digitalization and the introduction of the latest technologies in the transport structure. Currently, the country is carrying out program work on the digitalization of all spheres of the national economic complex, the introduction of scientific developments into production.