Representatives of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association were invited to attend a seminar on international transport as an observer.


On November the 3rd, 2021, the “Turkmen Logistics” Association took part in a seminar on ensuring the operation of the UN Convention regarding the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) and its protocol. The seminar, organized by the Secretariat of Economic Cooperation Organization in cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Islamic Development Bank was carried out in online mode. The role and success in applying the CMR Convention and e-CMR Protocol has been highlighted during the workshop.
Expanding foreign economic relations today and being committed to strong and wide international partnership in the transport sector, Turkmenistan attributes great importance to the regulatory basis of international cargo transportation and the use of various digital systems and tools to ease trade procedures. The “Turkmen Logistics” Association considers participation in seminars as a good platform for productive and interesting dialogue on the implementation of digital systems in international transport in order to increase the efficiency of transport and logistics activities of Turkmen companies in the Eurasian continent.