The program “Workshop” promotes the development of professional skills of young specialists in the transport and logistics sector.  


The partner of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association – the representative office of the Royal Institute of logistics and transport in Central Asia (CILT Central Asia), through the “Next Generation” Global Association launched the “Workshop” program which consists of 3 online meetings with experts and further issuance of certificates of participation. CILT Central Asia pays special attention to the development of the young generation, and believes that it is very important to hold events where young specialists working in the transport and logistics sector might be able to get advice and adopt the best practices of experts, and thereby develop their professional skills.
The first 2 programs were held on the ZOOM platform, where the following topics have been covered: “Artificial intelligence in the supply chain – demand modeling for inventory optimization” and “Arrangement procedure and conditions for the transportation of goods. Foreign trade agreement”.  The international experts-practitioners with huge experience acted as speakers who shared the secrets of success with the participants, using the methods of analyzing and discussing real cases (situations) which specialists face when conducting transport and logistics activities.
Thanks to the cooperation of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association and CILT Central Asia, Turkmen participants have been provided the opportunity to join this program on a fee-free basis. “We hope that participation of our local specialists at such business event types will promote to the development of their skills and professional competencies, as well as to the integration with international experts with huge practical experience,” assume the representatives of the “Turkmen Logistics” Association.
The final topic of this course: “Multimodal container transportation along the new silk road” will be held on March the 3rd this year. After the whole program shall be completed, specialists will be able to develop such skills as: critical thinking, examination proceeding and business processes improvement, time and resource management, strategic thinking, projects management, the ability to analyze and make a forecast, communication skills.
The young specialists dealing with transport and logistics sector – achieve your career goals together with CILT Central Asia and Next Generation.