International Day of Neutrality.


On December the 12th, 1995, the UN General Assembly for the first time in its history adopted the Resolution “On the status of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan”. Thus, the Neutrality of Turkmenistan has became a fundamentally new form and method of formalizing the status of the permanent Neutral state. The Neutrality of Turkmenistan is not based on the results of any wars and agreements of major powers, but is the result of an independent, free will of choice of an Independent Turkmenistan, and it is also adopted by the entire world community. On June the 3rd 2015 the UN General Assembly recognizing the role of the status of permanent Neutrality to strengthen peace and stability, as well as the role and contribution of Turkmenistan to the development of friendly relations with the countries of the region and the states of the world and the initiatives of Turkmenistan aimed at sustainable development, by its Resolution has reiterated its support for the status of permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan.
Based on clear and intelligible principles arising from the status of permanent Neutrality, Turkmenistan forms its long-term foreign policy and geo-economic strategy. The implementation of the “open door” policy based on the principles of positive Neutrality led not only to social and economic renewal and sustainable development of our country, but also significantly affects the development of regional and sub-regional interrelationship of different countries.
The policy of positive Neutrality has increased the interest of the world community to this model of interstate cooperation.
Within the framework of the UN, upon the initiative of Turkmenistan, the Group of Friends of the Neutrality of Turkmenistan was created. Also, Turkmenistan has developed the UN Code of Rules on the effective application of the principles of Neutrality in the settlement of interstate issues. Turkmenistan is the host party of the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, whose activity successfully serves the region in resolving situations through preventive diplomacy and strengthening trust between the countries of the region.
“Turkmen Logistics” Association warmly congratulates everyone on the occasion of the 26th Anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan. We wish each of you good health, a successful and happy life, as well as great achievements in your work for the sake of the further prosperity of our beloved Motherland, which is confidently moving towards new heights of development.
May the honor and glory of our Independent, permanently Neutral state and our united people be glorified throughout the world with great thanks to our Highly Esteemed President!