Workshop focused on the “Lapis Lazuli” Transit and Transport Corridor.


On March 28-29, 2022, a two-day regional online seminar was held in a hybrid format on the transit and transport corridor “Lapis Lazuli”, which was organized by the OSCE Center in Ashgabat. Along with the online format, representatives of the relevant structures and diplomatic missions in Turkmenistan were invited to the Archabil Hotel for live participation. The seminar was attended by more than 60 representatives from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey – the countries that signed the agreement on “Lapis Lazuli”. During the event, presentations and reports were made by the Secretary General of the Permanent Secretariat of the TRACECA Intergovernmental Commission, a representative of the Border Management Program in Central Asia, representatives of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan, as well as OSCE international experts.
The purpose of the event is to present a strategy for the implementation of the international Lazurite Corridor. The OSCE Center in Ashgabat has initiated the development of a strategy and action plan for its implementation as part of the support to countries that have signed the “Lapis Lazuli” Transit and Transport Agreement.
The participants of the seminar identified further steps to support partners in the ITC “Lapis Lazuli” in the full realization of their transport and transit potential.